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Individual Taxes

Preparing and filing your tax returns may not be a good thing to do since you need to understand the intricacies of the federal and local taxes in Nevada. You may miss some important details in your return and follow the wrong procedures. You may not able to reduce your annual tax bill because of your failure to maximize allowable deductions and credits. As an individual taxpayer, you don't want to have problems with the IRS and the state's tax agency. Your best solution is to hire an accounting firm with proven expertise in preparing and filing individual taxes. A local firm that you can call right now is King & Associates. Our company has been helping countless individuals and professionals in Las Vegas and Henderson areas get the best tax returns possible. Please call us now at (702) 733-2727.

Our Professional Tax Services

At King & Associates, we have CPA's and accounting professionals with extensive experience in preparing and handling individual taxes. While Nevada does not levy taxes on individual income, you still need to pay other types of taxes like the Federal income tax and property tax. Our people will use legal ways to reduce the amount of your taxes. We will carefully study your tax liabilities and identify the areas where allowable deductions and exemptions can be maximized. We also maintain good rapport with our clients and establish clear communication channels to ensure their complete satisfaction. For professionals and individuals residing and working in Las Vegas and nearby cities, King & Associates is the right firm to hire. We have the resources, licensed professionals, and deep understanding of the local and Federal tax laws.

Maximizing Exemptions and Deductions

Some of the areas that we typically look in an individual's income tax return are his or her exemptions (single, married, and number of dependents) and deductions (whether he or she is filing as single, married, the head of the household, or filing separately). Some people may also overlook the tax credits available to them. With King & Associates on your side, you are assured that each of these criteria will be handled carefully. We will explore all the options to give you the lowest tax due possible without causing problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).   Our services also include tax planning and preparation to tax adjustments and filing. Since we have lengthy experience in handling individual taxes, you are assured of a reliable and hassle-free service.

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