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Tax Consulting

There is a need for every professional or business entity to have reliable people working on tax-related concerns. Tax preparation and filing tax returns on time are critical tasks that are better handled by professionals. They can avoid tax errors that can result in heavy penalties when investigated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). By getting tax consulting professionals, you will be updated on all taxation schemes and policies.

King & Associates offers professional tax consulting services throughout Nevada. We advise and assist individuals and companies with tax planning, filing, and all tax-related concerns. Since tax policies can be technical and complex, our expert consultants will make sure that you’ll get a deeper understanding of the system, procedures, and other processes. Contact us now at (702) 733-2727 and let us help you with your tax-related concerns today!

Expert Tax Consultants

As changes to tax structures are inevitable, it is crucial to hire the services of an expert tax consultant with lengthy experience and deep understanding of Federal and state tax laws. Tax consultants are certified and licensed professionals that specialize in financial document reading, preparing, and interpreting. They can also suggest steps that could help you or your company save money by keeping track of your returns. At King & Associates, we can take care of all your tax concerns and questions - from planning, preparation to filing.

With us, you will get all your needed help with our tax consulting services:

  • Tax return analysis. We help identify and analyze wage, tip, dividend income trends, pre-tax benefits, and taxable and non-taxable interests.
  • Tax planning and review. We conduct personal and corporate tax planning and assessment to reduce your adjusted gross income, increase your tax deductions, and make smart use of your tax credits.
  • Help you understand tax laws and guidelines. We can help you understand your business’ financial records and your tax obligations. We adhere to taxation directives and statutes as mandated by the IRS and the State of Nevada.


Affordable Tax Consulting Services

We provide tax consulting services for both individual and corporate clients at reasonable rates. Hiring a tax consultant is considered an additional cost, but tax consultants can substantially save you and your company lots of money in the long run. At King & Associates, we carefully review your tax documents. We assess your financial records and standing and help you create a sensible tax plan based on Federal and state laws. We also build clear communication with all of our clients and ensure the confidentiality of our clients’ financial records. 

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