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Tax Services

If you don’t want to get inconvenienced by problems with the IRS due to late filing or misdeclaration of income tax returns and financial statements, we suggest hiring tax experts like us. We will help you avoid problems with the IRS, prepare your financial statements and ITRs, and improve your business profitability. We recommend professional tax services not only for individuals or professionals but also for businesses and corporations in Nevada.

At King & Associates, we’re offering affordable professional tax services that guarantee outstanding results for our clients. Our solid reputation is anchored on our decades of experience in the industry, our CPA’s sterling qualifications, and the comprehensive services that we offer. We have served countless clients across Las Vegas and Henderson, and we can surely offer you the same kind of excellent services. Just call us now at (702) 733-2727 and let’s discuss your tax-related concerns.

Comprehensive Tax Services

Our comprehensive tax services make us a one-stop shop for our clients’ tax needs. Here are the services that we offer:

  • Tax Preparation. We offer this service to individuals, businesses, and corporations who want to make sure that their tax records, like receipts and forms, are prepared on time and properly for a smooth tax return experience.
  • Payroll Taxes. We provide secure, flexible, reasonably priced, and compliant services concerning payroll taxes. From payroll preparation and tax management to tax filings and processing, we have your needs covered.
  • Bookkeeping services. Our bookkeeping services include organizing ledgers, data entries, receipts, checks, and similar documents. We prepare balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other financial reports that can be easily understood and checked by IRS personnel.
  • Tax extension services. If you can’t make the deadline set for Federal income tax return submission, we’ll help you get an extension so you can make the necessary adjustments or double-checking of your documents. By simply filling up a form and submitting it to us, we can facilitate your tax-extension application and give you the results ASAP.
  • Incorporation tax services. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of a limited liability company, an S corporation, and a C corporation so you can pick the perfect one, depending on your needs and business strategy.


Guaranteed Efficient Tax Service

We can assure efficient tax services for all types of clients – individuals, corporations, small and medium enterprises, and the like. We follow a systematic and proven system of preparing tax return, extension requests, and bookkeeping, among others, so there won’t be any hiccups along the way. Our CPAs and preparers are highly reliable, easy to work with, and very professional so you can expect a hassle-free experience.

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