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Business Services

King & Associates is offering a wide range of professional services to individuals, small business owners, and corporations in the state of Nevada. For decades, we’ve been the choice of local clients for our professionalism, excellent work ethics, and unmatched expertise in the field of accounting, finance, and taxation. Our company is composed of certified public accountants, business and financial consultants, tax experts, and professionals with in-depth knowledge of local and Federal laws. We encourage you to contact us today at (702) 733-2727 to learn more about our services. Please also take a look at the specific services listed below:

Tax Services

Our firm is offering comprehensive tax services for individuals, business owners and corporations. We can help you in tax planning, preparation, filing, and other tax-related concerns. Aside from these services, we also offer excellent solutions for those people and entities with IRS problems. Our consultants and tax resolutions experts are always ready to give professional advice and solutions to your tax problems. Read More About Tax Services >>

Small Business Taxes

As a business owner, you want to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. While you can do some basic accounting tasks, you still need the expertise of certified public accountants like us at King & Associates. We will ease your burden by preparing and filing your tax returns and ensuring your compliance with Federal and state laws. Our people know the intricacies of the tax laws, particularly those guidelines concerning small business taxes. Read More About Small Business Taxes >>

Financial Services

Are you still looking for people who can guide you in making effective financial decisions? Do you want to get the best pricing for your properties? If yes, please contact us at King & Associates. We offer financial services for those who want to maximize the return of their investments. We will look for the right buyer or seller by using proven marketing strategies. Our aim is to give you the best ROI for your investment. Contact us for more details about this particular service. Read More About Financial Services >>

Tax Resolutions

If you have a tax problem with the IRS, contact us now at King & Associates. Our tax resolutions experts will recommend the right solutions to solve your tax woes. They will assess your financial records, tax returns, and other IRS issues. Some of the options that we may recommend include appeals, tax lien removal, wage garnishment release, and tax audits. Read More About Tax Resolutions >>

Individual Taxes

It is still best to seek professional help when preparing and filing your income taxes. This will not only lessen your burden but also help ensure your full compliance with Federal and state laws. At King & Associates, we will help you get the lowest possible tax returns by taking a closer look at allowable deductions, exemptions, and tax credits. Read More About Individual Taxes >>

Corporate Taxes

For years, we have been helping corporate clients with their various accounting needs. Our firm is composed of certified accountants and tax professionals with extensive experience in large corporations so we know the processes and requirements when computing the corporate taxes for our clients. We will expertly handle the tax preparation, filing, and other necessary tasks to ensure error-free corporate tax returns. Read More About Corporate Taxes >>

Tax Consulting

King & Associates is considered as the premier tax consulting firm in the state of Nevada. The large number of satisfied clients that we have served in Las Vegas and Henderson is a proof of our expertise in this area. Among the services that we can offer you include tax planning and review, tax return analysis, and tax reduction. We will also help you understand the different tax provisions and guidelines, so you won't encounter any problem with the IRS. Read More About Tax Consulting >>

Business Advisory

We’ve been helping would be entrepreneurs establish their business as well as business owners who need technical help in vital business areas such as accounting, taxation, finance, and business strategies. We have seasoned consultants with lengthy experience in the industry so you are dealing with real experts who can propel your business to success. By getting our business advisory service, you can have a more profitable and worry-free business operation.  Read More About Business Advisory >>

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